I am introducing my new collection which is inspired by the couture of the golden age of fashion with nods to Chanel and Christian Dior, Balenciaga and Schiaperelli.

I am bringing bridal design up to date with my use of ethical and sustainable fabrics and to use UK based materials as much as possible. I will be making everything in my Isle of Wight base and using only UK companies for any outside help I may need to achieve the perfect finish and look.

Until now eco fabric has not been 'pretty' or delicate enough to make a stunning wedding dress but fabric technology has recently achieved the impossible with silk type fabrics made from bananas, oranges, bamboo and to recycle polyesters.

No more hemp or hessian or 'scratchy' materials.

Beautifully fine and sheer and so much more respectful to our natural world.

If you are a bride looking to order, book an appointment to discuss a design or to create a bespoke gown with your own ideas, please get in touch.

Also if you are looking to become a stockist, either of my couture collection or The Artisan Collection, please contact me, Karen. I would love to have a chat xx 

"Unique and beautiful bridalwear for unique and beautiful brides"